APNIC-Transfer Policy Outline

APNIC charges high transfer fee comparing to the other RIRs, and require the recipients to pay the transfer fee before completion of the transfer process. APNIC transfer policy also requires the recipient to register for a new APNIC account, in case of not having an account. And if the resource is being transferred from APNIC to the member of another RIR, the APNIC member is required to pay the transfer fee.

APNIC resource can be transferred to APNIC members and to the RIPE and ARIN members. Plus, all the recipient accounts within APNIC are required to provide a plan and need to use the transferred resource. APNIC offers some service like Transfer Pre-Approval to the buyers, where APNIC can entertain their request to evaluate the need of IPV4, even before the source is found. This helps them avoid unexpected delay ,upon finding a source they wouldn’t need to go through from the justification process again.

All transfers are subject to APNIC transfer policy. Contact GoIPtrade for the successful transfer of your resource within APNIC, to other RIRs and Inter-Regional transfer.


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