RIPE-Transfer Policy Outline

RIPE transfer can sometime turns out to be tricky, and would need technical counseling and assistance. RIPE doesn’t involve in the process of reaching an agreement, and mostly the things between seller and the recipient are settled through the registered RIPE broker.

RIPE distributes the types of transfers into 3 different categories. The internet numbers used by an organization which is sold or part of it is sold, falls under the category of Transfer via Merger or Acquisition. Address blocks allocated Pre-RIR days can be transferred on owner’s own term or can be administrated by the registry, this falls under Legacy Resource category. The 3rd category is the transfer of resources allocated through RIPE or RIR system.

RIPE’s policies for the transfer are flexible comparing to the RIRs. The recipient doesn’t need to be member of RIPE, as mentioned that pre-RIRs legacy addressed can be transferred on owner’s terms and it also doesn’t need to justify the requirement/need of resource for the process of transfer to successfully complete. RIR resource within RIPE NCC can be transferred to/from ARIN and APNIC service region.


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